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Best cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia.
With cryptocurrency becoming increasingly popular in Australia, there are a ton of exchanges to choose from. How do you pick which ones are legitimate, which ones are scams, and which is the best for you? At MarketPlace Fairness, we have done our research to help you find the right crypto exchange for your needs. Please note our recommendations are based on real test results and not market noise. For example, we conducted our own in-depth test to work out the lowest combined fees and spreads, which you can see here.
We hope we can help you begin your journey into crypto investing and trading, and we aim to provide you with the most accurate, useful and up-to-date information that is based on solid research and testing.
The Top 3 Exchanges for Aussies.
✔️ $10 BTC signup bonus means more for your money.
✔️ Overall lowest combined fees and spread (0.71%) - WINNER of our test (see results)
✔️ SMSF, Trusts, Corporate accounts AUSTRAC & ASIC compliant, easy & quick setup & verification.
✔️ Wide range of over 300+ cryptocurrencies, 7 days Aussie live chat support.
✔️ Well-designed platform with access to over 310+ different coins.
✔️ Average fee including spread: מדוע הבינאנס פוחת 1.11% as per our test results.
✔️ Unique Demo mode - practice trading risk-free with play money.
✔️ Best value right now with free $20 BTC , performed remarkably well in our test.
✔️ Australia's most popular crypto exchange (over 2.5 million Aussies)
✔️ Highly trusted (est. 2013), AUSTRAC registered & ISO 27001 certificate.
✔️ Large range of cryptos (350+)
✔️ Average fees including spread: 2.13% as per our test results.
Best Crypto Exchanges in Australia for 2022.
- Best overall for Australians, winner of our test - Best for practicing with demo mode - Most trusted & audited - Best for copy trading Binance Exchange - Best for serious trading - Best for crypto insurance - Best for security (US based) - Best for purchasing quickly - Best for easy staking - Best peer-to-peer marketplace - Best for ease of use.
The best way to pick the right crypto exchange is to determine which category best fits you, and deciding what you want from the exchange. It is a wise idea to use a range of different exchanges - not only can you take advantage of the unique perks of each, but it is also sensible to spread out where you hold your cryptocurrency.
Best Australian Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Reviews [UPDATED 2022]
1. Digital Surge Exchange - Best overall in Australia.
MarketPlace Fairness SPECIAL OFFER.
Receive FREE $10 BTC by clicking here to register.
Digital Surge is the #1 choice of crypto exchange for Aussies. It is perfect for the everyday Australian who wants to get into crypto. It is ASIC and AUSTRAC registered , so you can trust that they are legitimate and safe. Digital Surge has been around since 2017 and they now offer their users access to over 300+ different cryptocurrencies , which can all be purchased directly with AUD.
Digital Surge has the lowest fees in the Australian market starting at 0.5% and going as low as 0.1% based on trading volume. Not only are the fees low, but the spread is also tight, so you know you are getting the best bang for your buck. To test out Digital Surge's claims, we conducted an in-depth crypto buying test which highlighted the difference in fees and spread for Digital Surge, Swyftx, CoinSpot and Digital Surge came out as the clear winner, averaging just 0.71% in combined fees and spread per transaction.
Digital Surge have put a lot of effort into creating an interface that is very easy for users to buy and sell and we certainly agree with that. It was one of our favourite aspects of the platform, you can simply click on Buy or Sell, without having to worry about complicated graphs. If you have a bit of experience with trading, and prefer to place limit orders, you can also easily do that in Digital Surge.
A really interesting feature that Digital Surge has, that is not found on any other Australian cryptocurrency exchange, is the ability to pay bills using Bitcoin . If you have an Australian bill or credit card that accepts BPAY, you can use Bitcoin directly from your Digital Surge account to pay it. This is extremely convenient, saving you time since you don't need to sell your BTC, then withdraw it before you can use your AUD. It also marks a growing acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency in Australia, which is a big plus for crypto investors.
If you have any issues on your account, you can easily contact customer support 24/7 , who you can contact via Live Chat or email . Digital Surge can also be used on both desktop or mobile app , so you can trade any time, no matter where you are.
A criticism I sometimes hear about Digital Surge is that they don't have staking available on their exchange. While this is true as of the time of writing, this may change in the near future, as they are constantly making improvements to their platform. If you are interested in staking, you can try out Swyftx, which added the functionality in late 2021.
All in all, Digital Surge is the best choice of crypto exchange in Australia, in particular for beginners who don't have much experience. Digital Surge's basic interface, Live Chat, low fees, and $10 FREE Bitcoin when you register make it a great option. To read my full review on Digital Surge, click here.
2. Swyftx Exchange - Best for binan zolaklary demo mode practice trading.
MarketPlace Fairness SPECIAL OFFER.
Receive FREE $20 BTC by clicking here to register.
Swyftx is an excellent choice if you're looking for a cryptocurrency exchange in Australia. There are plenty of features that will keep even advanced traders interested, but I want to start with what makes Swyftx great for beginners . An easy-to-use interface, demo mode, Live Chat, ਬਾਇਨੈਂਸ ਸਮੀਖਿਆ ਨੀਰਡਵਾਲਟ low fees and $20 FREE Bitcoin even before you make a deposit! Read on to find out more detail.
If you're new to crypto, it can all be very daunting, but Swyftx has done their very best to make it straightforward. The user interface is very clean and easy to navigate , and when you want to buy or sell crypto, it is easy to do so instantly. There is no need to study complicated graphs, or place limit orders (although those options are also available).
You will find over 310+ cryptocurrencies that you can trade, and this number is continually increasing as they add more coins on a regular basis. As a beginner, you may struggle with knowing what price is good, Recenzja monet Binance or when you should buy, but with Swyftx, you can switch to Demo mode easily (in the top right corner of the site) and receive $10,000 FREE play money to try your strategies first! The trades mimic real life, as the prices in the demo mode reflect the actual live prices of crypto, so you can really get a sense of how it works.
If you ever run into any issues, you can quickly receive help via Live Chat customer support. They are always responsive and binance tanpa verifikasi very knowledgeable, and are such a lifesaver for newbies to the crypto industry.
The low fees are another excellent reason for newcomers and advanced traders alike to get on board with Swyftx. It is always free to deposit and withdraw AUD , no matter what payment method you choose, and trading fees are only 0.6% of the transaction. The spreads are also very low, so there are no hidden surprises there.
To test out Swyftx's claims, we conducted a comparison test using my personal accounts on Swyftx and مراجعة التوفير بينانس 3 of the other best Australian crypto exchanges - Digital Surge, CoinSpot and Independent Reserve. I deposited $100 into each of the four accounts, bought Bitcoin using the $100, then sold it all back to the exchange.

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